Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Turkey Pinwheels = Toddler Lunch WIN

So we're on Day 2 of Turkey Sandwiches for Lunch, and I thought that I might try to make it more exciting for the kiddo.

"Micah, do you want a turkey sandwich?"
"How about a CIRCLE SANDWICH?"
"I help!"


Here's how we made Turkey Circle Sandwiches:

1 burrito sized tortilla, microwaved for 15 seconds
some cream cheese
some turkey
1/2 a tomato, sliced really thinly
a few leaves of spinach

I spread the cream cheese over the tortilla and then let the kiddo have at it placing the turkey, tomato, and spinach. Then he watched as I rolled it up and was fascinated as I sliced it into 7 pinwheel pieces. We shared it--he had 3 and I had 4 (I took the ends since they are less pretty). 

Result? a Fabulous meal. He ate 2 and a half pinwheels and gave me the end of the last one (he is into sharing his last bite for some reason these days). He also requested more tomato and some cheese for dessert, which was fine with me. 

I was rooting for turkey and bacon in the pinwheels but he said no to the bacon, so that was ok. Probably healthier. But I think these would be delicious with a slice or 2 of bacon in the mix in the future. We might even grate some carrots in as well for even more color. 

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