Saturday, May 9, 2009

Farmer's Market!!

The Reston Farmer's Market opened today! YAY! 

We did not buy a ton as it was mostly plants for gardening (which I don't generally speaking do) but we did get most of the ingredients for my salad! 

We got spinach, strawberries, eggs, goat cheese, and, uh, maybe that was it. Like I said, not a lot but definitely a good start, and I'll be having my salad TOMORROW. I can't wait. 

The best part about the market was seeing everyone. My friend Mary, who owns one of the farms, is pregnant too. Her first was born right after my first was born, and her second will be born right before my second. How cool is that? The Jam Lady has some new jams this time around. The Honey, meat, cheese, and bread people are all back too.  And of course everyone was out shopping and socializing and having a great time.

What a great morning. So excited for the rest of the summer!

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