Sunday, May 10, 2009

Recipe Results

Today we tasted the results of two recipes, my dream salad  and the Mango Curry Chicken.

So first, the Mango Curry Chicken results. I remembered at around 4:00 today that I hadn't started anything for dinner, and I decided to take out a bag of the stuff and throw it in the crockpot on high for a few hours. I figured if it was not done by the time we wanted dinner, I could finish it off in a frying pan.

We actually left the house for a short time and when we came back the sauce was bubbling away and the house smelled awesome. We turned it down to low, and I started the rice and salad. (Rice was basmati rice with a little chicken bullion and some saffron threads, which is a great match).

The result? OH MY GOSH soooo good. In the future I would cook it on low for a little longer, because the chicken got a little dry. It seems like the kind of dish that needs to be cooked either very quickly or very slowly, and I'd rather go slowly. So, next time, 4 hours on low instead of 2 on high and I think we'll have an even better meal. But it was fabulous.

Now for the salad.

Yesterday was the farmer's market. They had (1) spinach, (2) strawberries, (3) goat cheese, and (4) Kiss of Kerala jam (which I already had but it was worth noting that I could have gotten it yesterday if I had needed it. 

Adam washed and broke up the spinach. It was something between baby and grown up spinach, and I wanted it a little smaller. I had already bought the almonds so I started them glazing. Once the spinach was ready, I added in the strawberries and cheese, and made the dressing. Altogether, it was really 5 ingredients: the spinach, strawberries, cheese, glazed almonds, and dressing.

Can I just say OMGWTFBBQ. Best Salad In The Universe. Part of it has to be attributed to the cheese, which was from a local farm and must have had real gold in it or something because it was crazy pricey. But worth it. Worth it in a "we have to get to the market early every week now because otherwise we will miss out on that cheese" way. The flavors melded in a way that I can only describe as .... synergistically. I'm so glad I made extra almonds because I think I'm going to eat this salad for every meal until I'm out of spinach. Well maybe not that often. But definitely for lunch tomorrow. 

So yeah, make the salad. Make the chicken. Eat a lot. YUM.

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