Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Planning a OAMC day

It occurred to me that I was planning to go back to Dinner Zen in February, but it THEN occurred to me that we have to pay for our CSA Share in February, so we are going to be a bit short on cash.

So I'm planning to do a good old homestyle Once A Month Cooking day. Why? Because with the time I have to prepare, I think I can probably get a lot of the ingredients inexpensively by looking out for sales. For instance, if I see canned tomatoes on sale, they'll go nicely to both Mango Curry Chicken and Pork Chops with Stuff (that's the technical term). If I happen to see meat on sale that would work for a dish, I can re-assess and decide if I want to make up a batch of four of something (as long as there is room in the freezer, which should be the case at this point).

That said, my plan is to keep good records of what I spend, to see if doing it myself or going to DZ is less expensive. I am thinking that certain meals will be less expensive to do through DZ and others will be less expensive to do on my own.

So, all that said, Do YOU have a favorite OAMC recipe that I should include?

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  1. I love OAMC! I gotta do it again. It's been ages.

    The Damsel In Dis Dress