Friday, June 5, 2009

OAMC Waffles

I have been resistant to doing breakfast as part of Once A Month Cooking, because, frankly, my freezer is small and making room for something that doesn't take a long time to make in the first place seems an unwise use of space to me.

That said, we recently started making waffles using Bisquick. Now, we have tried, and I mean tried HARD, to have healthy waffles. We buy the Oat Bran Mix or the Multigrain Mix, and let's face it--they don't taste like waffles. They come out soggy or just plain wrong. And anything with flax in the mix, as healthful as flax is, makes our dishwasher into a seedy mess. It's just impossible to get anything clean. 

So, Bisquick. The problem is, we are a small family of three, and the recipe calls for one egg, and you end up with 6 or 7 waffles. We were trying to save the extra batter, but we really don't like eating waffles that often, and cleaning the waffle iron multiple times each week is a pain.

So last weekend, when my husband made waffles, I asked him to make all of them, rather than letting the batter go bad in the fridge. Now, these are not Eggos. There's no way they were going to fit in my toaster. But I recently got a pizza stone from Pampered Chef, and I thought that they might reheat well on there. Adam made 6 waffles, we ate 3, and I froze the rest.

When you freeze waffles, you MUST tray freeze them first, and then store them in a gallon freezer bag. Fortunately, I knew this tip. They only took about 15 minutes of tray freezing, and they were then ready to be packaged.

This morning, the kiddo and I got up early and I decided it would be our waffle day. I set the oven temp to 350, spread out 3 waffles on my pizza stone, and threw them in for 5 minutes. I came back, flipped them, turned the oven down to 300 and left them in for another 5 minutes.

And they were Awesome. With no mixing, no messing up the waffle iron, no bowls filled with mix, and with all three of them finished at the same time, the kiddo and I had an awesome breakfast of waffles and strawberries (the end of the strawberries from our CSA share!) They were, perhaps, even crispier than the ones that came straight from the waffle iron last weekend. I was amazed.

So, what do I think? Is it worth doing a month's worth of waffles? Maybe, maybe not. My husband really likes cooking breakfast for us on the weekends, and I hate to take that away from him. But we will certainly be freezing the leftovers again, for another weekday breakfast like the one we had today!

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