Thursday, June 4, 2009

CSA Meals!!

Since I was excited but not mentally prepared for the amount of food that showed up in my home yesterday, dinner was stir fry. Let's face it, large number of veggies + no ideas = stir fry.

So, our stir fry:

One head of Mei Qing Choi, chopped coarsely
2 spring onions (from the farm market last week), chopped
1 garlic curl, chopped
2 small chicken breasts, marinated for 1/2 hour in harissa (from the farm market) and soy sauce

Stir fry in olive oil. Serve.

We wrapped the kiddo's into an egg roll, and everyone else just ate it plain with no starch or anything, and it was great!

I need to look up some recipes for escarole and kale, but we should be eating very well this week. Also, with three heads of lettuce, I think we will be eating salad. A lot of it.

The unidentified herb was identified by my husband as oregano. Since we have that and basil, I forsee something Italian, too!

Any ideas?


  1. Lasagna! You have oregano, and basil, and garlic. You could probably even sneak some wilted chard in there.

  2. It's so weird because I never make lasagna! But I should.

    Tonight I made sausage & peppers with the oregano and OMG best ever.