Monday, June 1, 2009

Looking Forward to Dinner Zen!!

I have been looking forward to this for a few months now. On Saturday morning at 10:00 am, right after going to the market to get my new flat of strawberries, I will be heading over to Dinner Zen to make my meals for the next month. I am SO INCREDIBLY looking forward to having my Once a Month Cooking Prep done by someone else this month, I cannot even describe my glee.

I really have to fix the freezer issue before I go. Thanks to a zealous husband, and I love him dearly, we have way too many convenience foods in the freezer right now. I may move some to the teeny tiny freezer in the teeny tiny refrigerator in the basement. We really don't need 3 bags of fish sticks in the freezer, even if they were really cheap. Meanwhile, we'll be having a Mango Curry Chicken meal tonight, which is great and will remove one bag of meals, and I can see the last of the pork chops being eaten this week as well. Mainly I have to move around the frozen veggies and convenience foods.

So here's my menu.

Dinner Zen MealsQty
Firecracker Chicken Quesadillas1
Big Bleu Chops1
Mexican Lasagna1
Asian Infused Flank Steak1
Burger of the Month: Scallion Sesame1
Slow Cooked Southern Pork BBQ (Crockpot)1
Bombay Shrimp Bowl1
Bourbon Chicken1
Asian Pomegranate Salmon Packets1
Quiche Florentine (Pre-Assembled)1
New! Lemonade Chicken1
Pretzel Roll Toastie with Turkey1

There are 12 different meals, each of which makes 4-6 servings. My plan is to gauge the serving size and split each into 2 or 3 portions. I'm SO excited. Doesn't that look awesome?! The Pretzel Roll Toasties are made to pop in the oven and become a melty delicious lunch! I don't even have to make the quiche, just pick up the 2 pies and add them to my order! 

I know this is not something I'll get to do every month for the rest of my life, but give me a moment while I revel in the one part of the end of my pregnancy that I'm really looking forward to. NOT COOKING. They say it should take about 2 hours to put together the 12 (really 11) meals, and then I will have food for 24 or more meals! Plus, I still have my convenience foods and a few bags of things I've made recently and had extras of (meatballs and taco meat). So we should be GREAT through at least the end of June, and probably longer as I can definitely forsee a few nights of spaghetti and other boxed convenience foods. 

I have one friend joining me already! If you are local and want to come at the same time, head over to the web site and put together your own menu, and join us on 6/6 at 10 am. :)


  1. Sounds awesome!! Too bad I'll be in Williamsburg this weekend!

  2. I'll let you know how it goes. The menu goes through June if you want to try it yourself.