Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CSA Week 1!!

Today was our first pickup day from our Potomac Vegetable Farms CSA, and OH MY GOSH what a haul we brought home. I haven't completely identified everything yet, but here's what I think we have added to our fridge today!

1 bag of mixed salad greens
1 bag containing 3 small heads of lettuce
some kind of small cabbage
3 heads of baby Mei Qing Choi 
a head of escarole
some kind of green that looks like kale from the stems but isn't quite as curly. It may be in the kale family based on the stem though (and based on the fact that our "In the Bag" info says we have kale)
an unidentified spicy herb. It's very peppery. It's not on the "in the bag" sheet so I don't know what it is.
a small bag of basil
a whole lot of garlic curls
a large onion with the greens still on top
a box of strawberries
1/2 dozen eggs

Now, we paid for our CSA back in February, and when you divide what we paid by the number of weeks we have, it comes out to about $30 per week for this food. OH MY GOSH. I just never expected there would be so much food for $30 per week. And yes, I'm aware that we're looking at a lot of salad and greens in the next week, but they are going to be awesome salads and greens! My friend Amy came with me to watch the kiddo in the car while I went to pick up the share (I didn't know how long a walk it would be), and we were tasting everything in the car on the way back. I even gave her a garlic curl to use tonight, because I have way too many of them now (though apparently I now have a recipe for garlic curl pesto which I may have to try).

From what I hear, the amounts of food just keep increasing as the summer goes on, so I can't imagine what we'll be getting in a few weeks! How exciting!!

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