Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why we love Chik Fil A for kids, and one thing we don't love so much.

We are still eating out and we end up at Chik Fil A a lot, because it is yummy and really very good for kids. Here's what we love about our Chik Fil A. Note that all of the stores are independently owned & operated so your mileage may vary. Ours is the one on Sunset Hills Road in Reston, across from the Target. Anyway, here we are:

  • Ambiance is pretty cool. There are flowers on the tables!

  • Kids meals are lovely. You can replace fries with fruit, and the fruit is actual fresh fruit and not canned/syrup stuff. Both kids love the fruit and my bigger one rarely asks for the fries. 

  • The toy that comes in the kids meal is usually not particularly annoying. If you ask for the under 3 toy, it's actually a book. Recently we've gotten some educational stuff. Not too bad.

  • They have lemonade as an option to drink, and it's real lemonade (I found pits in it last time we were there). It's a nice change of pace from the usual choice of soda or juice.

  • If you happen to have a baby who is going to be eat off of the table, they give you a plastic table topper to use.

  • If you walk in with a baby in one arm and a kiddo holding onto your other hand, they will take your food to your table and get a high chair for you, and make sure you're all set up. And, they'll come back and make sure you're ok and ask if you need a drink refill. That's pretty awesome. 
  • They have kid's events all the time. Like, on Monday mornings, you can bring the kids for breakfast and they have entertainment, crafts, story time, etc. And they have Family Night on Tuesdays. 

  • They have a nifty kid's play area.

So all in all, for the kids and me, it's a great place. Here's what we don't like:

  • They cook in peanut oil. 

Which means my husband cannot join us. I'm sure the flavor of everything would change if they changed the oil, but I don't think that it would change all that much, and it would open the place to far more people. It's pretty much my only complaint.  


  1. They are a Christian eating facility.

  2. True. This post got re-posted to my facebook and there was a huge argument between people who thought that was a pro and a con. I certainly don't begrudge anyone their own religion unless it affects other people's religious expression. If their staying closed on Sundays precludes a Jewish person from taking off on Saturday instead, then I find that to be a problem. But I am not personally insulted by any company being closed on Sundays. I am generally more annoyed at places that make their employees work on Labor Day. :)

  3. What they actually are is a company that happens to be owned by Christians. Many companies close one day a week to help with their bills and labor. Chik-fil-A happens to choose Sundays.

    Anyway, my actual point of the comment - the Chik-fil-A near me recently posted signs saying "NOW cooking in CANOLA OIL!" Don't know if that's local or company-wide, but good for you if it's large-scale!

  4. OOH, I should ask my local place if they do that now. Thanks Twirly!