Monday, August 23, 2010

Kitchen Update

The kitchen project turned into a monster that we totally were not expecting, for a few reasons:

  • underestimating how much help we would have from friends
  • underestimating the extent of changes that would have to happen to kitchen infrastructure and of course
  • having to add sub-projects after the start because of things that affected other things.

For instance, taking off the backsplash turned into a drywall/skim coating nightmare because we couldn't get the glue off the walls. Taking out the pantry left a big hole in the floor tiles that required a tile patch job. Deciding to switch from a range to a wall oven and cooktop, and adding a built-in microwave, required pulling another 2 circuits which meant cutting a giant hole in the wall.  And then there was the planned removal of the soffit that turned into extending it out and adding lights because it had too much stuff in it.

But things are finally coming to a point where we can hopefully call some parts of the kitchen Actually Done. Here's where things stand:

  • ceiling is done. This entailed scraping off the texture, sanding, priming, skim coating, sanding, priming, and painting. DONE. Gorgeous. Needs to be a little touched up.
  • skim coating on the walls is done. 
  • painting is mostly done. Touch ups will be done after cabinet installation, since we expect to have to touch up after the installation anyway.
  • patching the floor is done.
  • Lights are installed and beautiful
  • Wall cabinets on Wall 1 are done. 
  • Base cabinets for Wall 1 are assembled but need backs, cover panels, door hinges, and feet. 

OK, so still to be done:

  • touch up paint
  • Construct & Install Wall cabinets on Wall 2 (sink wall) 
  • Construct & Install Base cabinets on Wall 2
  • Construct & Install Wall cabinets on Wall 3 (oven wall)
  • Construct & Install Base cabinets on Wall 3
  • Construct & Install Pantry cabinet 
  • Over fridge cabinet, which is a PROJECT because Ikea did not have the right size cabinet. But I now have a PLAN and hope hope hope I really don't screw it up. If it comes out great I am totally going to post it to Ikea Fans.
  • Install molding over and under cabinets
  • Install covers under cabinets
  • Install all doors, drawers, and handles
  • Install interior fittings (lazy susans, etc)
  • Install appliances (bring back electrician)
  • Pick out granite slabs
  • Get Granite people out here to measure and come back/install granite
  • Plumbing hookups/stovetop install after granite is in
  • And then we have a freakin' party because it will be done!

So we're getting there, but there's still a lot to do. Meanwhile, we have a little table that will hold a rice cooker or crock pot, so I can do a little cooking. Someone freecycled a toaster oven to me so I can do a little bit of baking in small batches. I just can't do anything that requires a stove at the moment! Argh!

But really, I never expected I could do as much of this myself as I did! I'm really proud of both me and my husband. We have the best contractor ever for things like pulling electrical and doing plumbing but we really did almost all of the cosmetic work ourselves. And Adam is now a drywalling pro. And he likes my overall plan for upgrading the whole house, and was even looking at bath vanities this weekend! HAHA awesome!

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