Monday, April 20, 2009

Planning Meals for Two (or, well, One and a Half)

Aah Spring. A time when the Farmer's Market will soon start, CSAs begin delivering, and my husband goes on travel for weeks at a time. *sigh*

This week, and every other week until the end of May, I'll be home with the toddler and no husband. I had somehow forgotten about this when I portioned out our last set of freezer meals. So what to do? Cook every night? Use freezer meals and eat them as leftovers? The way they are portioned out, they do not necessarily make two meals for one adult and one toddler. 

Last week, I succumbed to my food frustration and ordered a large amount of Chinese food, which we then had for several meals. That's not particularly healthful or inexpensive, so something must be done.

Last night, we did have a roast chicken (made in my Pampered Chef covered baker, and let me tell you, it came out SO well). It looks like I have remaining 2 chicken legs, 2 wings a breast, and a thigh. I also did some shopping yesterday, so I have some food in the house for some small meals. Here's the plan. Adam gets home on Friday though I am not sure when, so Friday will stay up in the air.  I hope it goes well:

Monday: leftover roast chicken (1 leg +1 wing each) with broccoli
Tuesday: potato & onion perogies (store bought) with corn
Wednesday: chicken salad sandwiches (made from the left over breast) and tomato & avocado salad
Thursday: chicken carcass soup (that should kill off the end of the chicken!)
Friday: Unplanned. Have to find out when husband gets home. This might turn into a dinner out.
Saturday: Freezer Meal: tilapia with peppers with a veggie & rice
Sunday: Shopping Day! Whatever's on sale :)

Here's hoping this goes well! 

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