Friday, October 16, 2009

Party Planning

Lillian's Baptism is on Sunday and we are going to have people over for lunch afterward. There should be around 15--maybe a few more--and I realized that I did NOT want to cook. At least not too much.

So we decided to semi-cater it through Dinner Zen! Last night I went and made 2 of the dishes. Then I'll make 2 more and my MIL will bring an appetizer. I ordered a cake from Safeway. So here is the menu:

Sweet meatballs (as Lawrence calls them, "crack balls")--crockpot dish easy peasy.
Spinach artichoke dip -- will pre-make this and re-heat when we get home from church
Veggie platter -- from MIL
Shrimp -- from MIL
Wild Rice and Squash Wraps -- from Dinner Zen. Will need to heat when we get home from church
Bourbon Chicken and Rice -- also from DZ. Will partial-prep and finish when we get home from church.
White cake with strawberry filling and buttercream frosting--need to pick up at 10 on Sunday morning.

I think this was a good way to plan a party without going insane. I hope it all goes well!

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